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Air Conditioning Repairs and Regassing

Western Suburbs Automatics have a large variety of environmentally approved air conditioning service and decommissioning machines. We hold the relevant ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council LTD) licenses and permits. See www.arctick.org for more information.

The new ozone friendly gas is called 'R 134 a'. Onsite, we have a machine which is used to take this gas out, store it, recycle it and re-gas your a/c system.

The old gas is called 'R 12'. A machine is available that can remove the old gas and store it for collection and disposal.

We also have a gas called 'FR 12' which can be put into a air conditioning system that previously has run on the old gas. This is a cheaper alternative, because a 'R 134 a' conversion is not needed.

A conversion from old to new gas is called a 'retrofit'. In this process we remove the old gas, flush the system with a flushing solution, drain the compressor oil, then refill the system with new oil.

The process then involves a replacement of the charging ports with ports compatible with the new gas up machines, connect the machine and remove the old gas. Oil is finally added and the system is then refilled with new gas.

We also have a special ultra violet light that can detect leaks in the systems.