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In the last decade numerous changes have occurred in automatic transmissions. The demand for lighter, smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles has resulted in the use of electronics to control both the engine and transmission to achieve the most fuel efficient results. The automatic transmission assembly is a part of the electronic controls, by sending signals of vehicle speed to an on-board computer which, in turn, relates these signals, along with others from the engine control unit, to determine gear selection for the best performance.

Sensors are used for engine and road speeds, engine load, gear selector lever position, and the kickdown switch operation. In addition, the driving program, set by the factory, is used to send signals to the microcomputer to determine the optimum gear selection. The shifting is accomplished by solenoid valves in the hydraulic system. The electronics also control the hydraulic pressure during shifting, along with regulating engine torque to provide smooth shifts between gear ratio changes. This type of system can be designed for different driving programs, such as giving the operator the choice of operating the vehicle for either economy or performance.

The transmission's sensors also let the operator of the vehicle know if there are any problems with the system. If the transmission control computer detects a problem it will store a trouble code in memory and it will light or flash a transmission warning lamp (or engine service light) on the dash to alert the operator something is wrong. Using the proper scan tools or techniques, a technician can retrieve a fault code (depending on the manufacturer) in order to help diagnose the problem.

The team at Western Suburbs Automatics make use of various scan tools and electronic diagnosis devices to assist in problem finding on most of today’s electronic controlled transmission and engine control systems.

The following is a list of our favorite scanners and devices:

 » Snap-on Scanner [Link]
 » Carman Scan [Link]
 » Mitsubishi Tester
 » Holden Scanner and Circuit Tester
 » Ford Code Flasher, Solenoid Tester and Bench Tester