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Automatic Transmission Repairs & Services in Brisbane

We are known for our expertise in automatic transmission repairs in Brisbane.

We specialise in automatic transmission repairs and services in Brisbane; including rebuilds, exchanges, and servicing.

Just as you would take time to properly maintain your engine and other vital components of your car, the servicing of your automatic transmission is certainly one component which should not be forgotten.

Your transmission is responsible for the transfer of drive from the engine to the wheels. It would only take an ongoing oil leak or loose band adjustment to bring your car quickly to a stop requiring an expensive tow not to mention how far from home you and your family might be.

We recommend that all automatic transmissions are serviced every 12 months or 20,000 kilometres or every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers for hi-performance and/or off-road vehicles.

For automatic transmission repairs Brisbane or automatic transmission services Brisbane, visit Western Suburbs Automatics; we're here for you.

Our transmission staff are fully trained, experienced tradesman who have chosen to specialize in the repairs of automatic transmissions. We are highly experienced in the operation of torque convertors, planetary gear sets, automatic transmission hydraulic and electronic controls, valve body repairs, drive line noises, vibrations and common problems.

Our transmission section consists of a fully equipped air conditioned rebuilding room, 2 hot water parts washers which comply with environmental standards, an oil recovery system which also complies with environmental standards, flat sanding machine, various electronic diagnostic tools (see the (link here) Automatic Transmission Electrical Diagnosis page.

To ensure our employee's have no problems, our workshop has an extensive library of workshop manuals for various transmission and vehicle types.