Air Conditioning Repairs and Re Gassing

We all enjoy air conditioning in the car these days and
we certainly know when isn’t working properly.

Efficient air conditioning is all about regular maintenance.

Western Suburbs Automatics hold the relevant ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd) licenses and permits.

Why do air conditioners need servicing?
When an air conditioning system is operating corrosive acids are produced that have an effect on the components. The receiver dryer is part of the system and is designed to collect these acids, along with moisture. It’s a bit like a filter that is capable of removing moisture from the atmosphere.

As the build-up of contaminants in the receiver dryer increases, its ability to do its job decreases and eventually the corrosive acids in the air conditioning system damage other component parts.

Because this corrosion is occurring on the internal surfaces of these parts it is impossible to accurately determine what parts of the system will fail next.
How often should it be serviced?
Every two years is recommended or uncontrolled corrosion can take place and damages the condenser, compressor, evaporator and other parts of the system.

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